Let's Debate the NC Film Critic Nominations of 2023 with Harrison Martin and Anthony Holden

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Sterling K. Brown and Mark Duplass in BIOSPHERE

Harrison Martin, Anthony Holden, and I came together to talk about the North Carolina Film Critics Association (NCFCA) nominees for 2023. The NCFCA is made up of 72 members across the state. To see a full list of winners, go here.

This ambitious group boasts 27 categories of awards, including some unusual categories such as voice actor, directorial debut, breakthrough performance, the Ken Hanke Memorial Tar Heel Award for a film or person with a North Carolina connection, and a lifetime achievement award that honors a contribution to cinema in a different category each year. This year the group elected to award an achievement in makeup artistry. We chose to talk about 12 of the awards to fit it all into a one-hour conversation. We encourage you to follow the group's business at ncfilmcritics.org or on Twitter at NCFilmCritics.

The final winners will be announced on January 3, 2024. Stay tuned until then. Update: The list of our winners is finally live! 

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Danielle Brooks in THE COLOR PURPLE
About Harrison Martin: Harrison Martin is the founder of Flixfrog, a blog reviewing film and television. He got a part-time job at Regal Cinemas to make watching movies more convenient (OK … free). Even after leaving his job at Regal Cinemas, Harrison would drive hours to any advanced screening in the hopes of someday becoming a certified critic. Since then, his dream has come true, and the website has grown into a full business venture including reviews, articles, digital content, and much more. You can find Harrison on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. @FlixFrog. Harrison wants you to see Celine Song's Past Lives.

About Anthony Holden: Anthony is part of NC Film Critics and is a Detroit-transplant who loves movies. In addition to writing movie reviews, he's a co-host on the Double Feature: Versus podcast, a show where two cinephiles clash heads on two competing films with a similar theme. Anthony recommends you check out Monster, directed by Hirokazu Koreeda. Find Anthony: Website: 8bitwaffles.com; IG and Twitter: @BlakCinephile; YouTube @doublefeatureversus or Apple podcasts @double-feature-vs.

About Lindsey Dunn: Lindsey Dunn is a film critic known as 1 of my Stories. You can find her on all the platforms @1ofmystories. She is currently watching The Chosen, season 3. Lindsey recommends you check out Biosphere, directed by Mel Eslyn.

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