A Conversation with Michael Felker, Editor of Something in the Dirt

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I talked to Michael Felker, editor of Something in the Dirt, by far one of the most creative films to come out of the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. Michael certainly had his work cut out for him, editing a film that took so many narrative twists and turns. We talked about his partnership with the directors, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, his process for editing the film, and the biggest challenges of the project.

About Something in the Dirt: The lives of Levi (Justin Benson) and John (Aaron Moorhead) become intrinsically linked when they decide to investigate the strange paranormal phenomena happening at their LA apartment building. This genre-defying film mixes the tropes of science fiction, mockumentary, found footage, conspiracy thriller, and true crime into a delicious rabbit hole inside a puzzle box. My review of Something in the Dirt. Interview with the directors

About Michael Felker: Michael Felker is a freelance editor based out of Los Angeles, CA. While obtaining his BFA at the Florida State University Film School as well as studying at New York University's Tisch Filmmaker Workshop, Michael became well versed in all the facets of post-production, especially learning the ins and outs of Final Cut, Avid, and Premiere. Michael continues to edit a wide array of projects, ranging from feature films and web series to music videos, commercials, and event coverage. He's always ready to tackle new and exciting projects all the while studying the ebb and flow of visual storytelling. Starting as a production assistant on Moorhead & Benson’s Resolution, he quickly became their co-editor with their V/H/S: VIRAL segment “Bonestorm," and continued their permanent partnership with Spring, The Endless, and Synchronic. Follow Michael on Instagram or Twitter @MichaelLFelker.

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