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Book Review: Confessions of a Carb Queen by Susan Blech

Susan Blech was on a downhill path. In her late 30s, she weighed an amazing 468 pounds. This amazing book is about the path she took to get to that place, what life was like in that place, and about the steps she took to lose over 268 pounds without surgery. I call this book amazing because I probably had my mouth open the entire time I was reading it. You won't believe what this girl used to put in her mouth every day. That someone could eat this much and still be alive is amazing. For all her lack of self control, Susan must be a very strong woman. She was still alive and able to turn her life around. Some people never get that chance.

She used to go up and down both sides of the street picking up gigantic bags of food from every fast food place, eat it all in her car, and then dispose of the bags, convincing herself that it didn't count if she ate the food in her car. Some weeks she would spend $300 to $400 dollars on fast food.

This was especially interesting to me because she lost the majority of her weight at a weight loss center in Durham, NC called the Rice House. That's only about an hour from my house.

Anyway, this is a fascinating read. Susan also includes recipes of low-calorie, low-fat foods. I have been trying some of them, and they are good.


Anonymous said…
Ok, this is just my perspective, but I did the pounds to kilos conversion and 200 pounds isn't that bad. It is about 90 kilos, which whilst probably overweight (depending on your frame, bone density, natural body type etc) isn't too bad, so don't beat yourself up over it. Just remember, healthy eating and regular (but not extreme) exercise is the key. I recommend walks as they are also good for a mental de-frag, especially with a good friend. Plenty of fresh vegetables are really good and will make you feel more healthy. A big component is probably also time, because I know when I get home from work I'm really tired and don't feel like cooking. One good way to deal with that is to have good fresh vegies available because it can be pretty simple to just wash a few vegies and stir fry them with a bottled sauce, and maybe a little meat if you can be bothered (which I often can't). Re the whole whipped cream thing - how weird is that? I live in Australia and generally if I want whipped cream I buy pouring cream and whip it myself, so it is never pre-sweetened, so that really didn't occur to me. I know this wasn't exactly about the book but I worry that people are really negatively effected by current approaches to body image and dieting. "Dieting" is no substitute for slower paced but more lasting changes to diet and activity patterns, and as you seem to be finding it is actually really nice to eat healthily in a lot of ways. I think it is easy access to good quality fruits, vegetables, and lean meat that is the key, combined of course with the time and energy required to make your meals and exercise.
Oh, and trust me, steer as clear as you can from chips (french fries) they are just sooooo full of fat you wouldn't believe. You should save them only for when you really want them, and even then I wouldn't go nuts.
Lindsey said…
Well, thanks for the thoughts. I really am not beating myself up over it. Hope I didn't give that impression. I just felt inspired by Susan to be real and share what I'm going through as well. And even if 200 lbs. isn't "that bad" the truth is, I could eat healthier and just choose not to. Before Susan was overweight, she was a bodybuilder and obsessed over exercise, so this can happen to anyone. You gain weight one pound at a time.
Anonymous said…
Good to hear. I just worry about people, you know? People so often normalise abnormal levels of dieting and obsession with weight that I sometimes feel the urge to mention that maybe they are ok how they are, or not too far off from how they are. Is good to know that you aren't overly worried about it, just trying to maintain a realistic approach. Just remember, some random stranger on the other side of the world who reads your blog worries about your mental health and body image :) I'm not sure if that comes out quite as comforting as intended... I meant it in a nice way :)