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Movie Review: Marie Antoinette

I have been looking forward to watching Marie Antoinette for quite some time. This movie was directed by Sofia Coppola, who also directed the heartbreaking Virgin Suicides. Both of these movies deal with females who become marginalized in a male-driven society. This truly is a shame, because God created women to be treasured and loved. Yet in this movie, Antoinette is only valued for her ability to bear an heir. Until she does, all she hears is criticism and how precarious her situation is. I still remember a moment in the Virgin Suicides. The character played by Josh Hartnett is finally able to deflower Kirsten Dunst as the "lead virgin." Up until that moment, he was totally obsessed with her. When she finally made love to him, he abandons her on a football field. She does the walk of shame alone into her house. I remember thinking how unfair this was. After she gave away the great treasure of her virginity, she lost all possibility of being interesting to his character.
I …

New Book Review: Love and Crime!

I'd Tell you I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You by Ally Carter

This was Alias meets high school. Cameron Morgan is a Gallagher Girl. Translation, she's being trained to be a spy at her private school. She and her other soon-to-be-licensed-to-kill gal pals speak in multiple language, have been using roundhouse kicks for years, and absolutely don't know how to act around normal boys. To make it even worse, Cameron's mother is the principal of said school and so her problems are multiplied. Of course, Cameron meets a normal boy and can't tell him who she really is.