The New or Neiw-ish Cast of Cobra Kai Season 6 (According to at least one internet source)

a group of students wearing karate gis
The students at Mr. Miyagi's dojo listen to an announcement

What characters will show up in Cobra Kai season 6, according to at least one internet source?

With only a few weeks to go before part one of season six launches on July 18th, 2024, let’s take a look at what new and newish cast and characters will grace the screen of Cobra Kai season 6 . . . according to IMDB or another reliable internet source. As the cast list gets updated, so will the list.
A headshot of actress Sarah Anne

Sarah Anne returns as Young KIM DA-UN

Actress Sarah Anne first appeared in season 5, during the flashbacks of Kreese and Silver as young bros training in Korea. Sarah Anne’s name shows up in the credits again in IMDB. We may see more back story of this future sensei. Since her season 5 debut, she portrayed Latti in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, VOL. 3. Sarah Anne's INSTAGRAM

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Sergio Duque in a publicity still

Sergio Duque as Unknown

This Brazilian actor makes an appearance in almost every episode of the last two parts of COBRA KAI, season six. He’s in episodes 5-7 and 9-15. So he may be a major player in the Sekai Taikai. Most fans believe that the Sekai Taikai will take place in the part 2 episodes. He may not have a major role, but once thing is for sure. He will be in the tournament. But will he prove to be a friend or foe? Will he be a sensei, a referee, or a previous acquaintance to a key cast member? Since other cast members are confirmed as being one a particular country’s sensei, this makes me think he’s either not important or very important to the international competition plot. Sergio's Instagram

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Okea Eme-Akwari as SHAWN in COBRA KAI

Okea Eme-Akwari as SHAWN PAYNE

Shawn returns for episode one of season six. A communal sigh of relief will be heard all throughout the Valley at Kenny getting to see his older brother again. Maybe Shawn can help set him on the right path. If anyone needs someone in his corner, it’s Kenny. Shawn may be one of the few people left he truly trusts and respects. While not a new character, we haven’t seen Shawn since season 3.
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Colin Haag Jr. in a publicity still

Colin Haag Jr. as GERMAN SENSEI 

A Black Belt in multiple martial arts, Colin Haag, Jr. will feature in the season as both an actor and a stunt person, with ample experience in both. He has credits as both an actor and a stunt person. With this generic name, the actor may not get many lines and just be an ominous presence on stage.
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A photo from Noemi Haig's Instagram page

Noemi Haig as IRISH SENSEI

Noemi Haig is stunt actor that will be Ireland’s sensei. She’s also recently worked on the set of THE CHOSEN. Even though they spell their names differently, she’s married to Colin Haag, Jr., so look for some fun chemistry on stage (or rivalries) between the German and Irish senseis. Her Instagram

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Paul Walter Hauser as STINGRAY in COBRA KAI

Paul Walter Hauser as RAYMOND/STINGRAY

Stingray is back! He turned on Kreese, but when push came to shove, he helped Daniel and Amanda to find their kids just in time. Stingray is a good guy. Since the credits only show him in one episode, this will likely be a quick cameo role. Let’s hope Stingray can find true happiness and a long-term friend group at last.

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Adam Herschman in a movie still

Adam Herschman as STEVIE 

Viewers of OBLITERATED may recognize a familiar face, since Herschman played the role of DJ Candycorn. But Herschman also has credits in older films, such as ACCEPTED and LOSER TAKES ALL. Herschman's INSTAGRAM
A headshot of actor Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim as CHEOL in CHEOL

Daniel Kim as YOON DO-JIN

Daniel Kim, a self-proclaimed “professional nerd & storyteller” has played roles in BEL-AIR, GOOD TROUBLE, DIVOS!, and a short called CHEOL. He’s currently trying to raise money for a surreal comedy short he’s writing called THE TOILET. Based on what limited information I can find, he seems to have professional dancing experience, a skillset that lends itself nicely to martial arts. Kim's INSTAGRAM

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A publicity still of C. S. Lee


Student coordinator and performer Don Lee portrayed Master Kim Sung-Yung in season 5. In season 6, character actor C. S. Lee takes over the helm, but he may just show up in flashbacks. After all, Master Kim is dead, right? All we know is it’s on IMDB. Best known for his role as forensic specialist Vince Masuka on the show DEXTER, Lee has been working on the big and small screens since 1998.
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Brandon H. Lee [L] as VIRGIL in TWISTING TIGER

Brandon H. Lee as KWON JAE-SUN

Brandon H. Lee is the son of Grand Master Yong Hyeok Lee and has been learning Taekwondo since age three. He currently teaches martial arts at Lee’s Champion Tae Kwon Do academy in Shoreview, Minnesota. He played stunt double to Simu Liu in SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS. You can spot him flying through the air on his Instagram page. To get a taste of Lee's style, consider watching the short film TWISTED TIGER

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A publicity still of Patrick Luwis

Patrick Luwis as AXEL KOVACEVIC 

The COBRA KAI fandom has gone nuts over the announcement of Patrick Luwis’s appearance in the cast list of Cobra Kai on IMDB. That, along with TikTok footage of Mary Mouser and a tall male with Luwis’ frame running scenes on a beach make him a hot bit of gossip. He will show up in the first two episodes of part 2 as Axel Kovacevic, which could give a hint towards his character’s country of origin. Kovacevic is the second most common surname in Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. So far, the actor has shown up in BABYLON, BARBIE, and REBEL MOON. 

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A publicity still of Paula Rae Taylor in PREPARE TO DIE

Paula Rae Taylor as DRAGA

Martial artist Paula Rae Taylor will show up as Draga in four episodes in part 2 of season 6. Drago could be a nod to the main Russian antagonist of ROCKY IV. If that’s true, Draga could be a Russian sensei or student, based on her character name.
A still of Rayna from a music video

Rayna Vallandingham as ZARA MALIK

A student of martial arts since the age of 2, Indian American Rayna Vallandingham has 13 taekwondo titles. So, we anticipate with joy her appearance as Zara Malik in episodes 6-10 of season 6. Perhaps this female badass will give our gals Tory and Sam and run for their money on the mat. She’s 20 years old, so the perfect age to represent a high school competitor on the screen. You can find Rayna kicking the competition on her Instagram page

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Zhaleh Vossough as VERONICA in THE CHOSEN

Zhaleh Vossough as SENNA 

This multiracial actress will arrive in episode six, which means she will factor in the first part of the tournament somehow. She has been spotted on series such as BETTER CALL SAUL, THE CHOSEN, and, IRONHEART. She's been spotted online wearing boxing gloves, so don't let her sweet demeanor in this photo fool you.