Music Movie Series: Green Room and the Punk Experience (2015)

Two band members perform live
Callum Tuner as TIGER, Alia Shawkat as SAM in GREEN ROOM

"We're not keeping you. You're just staying." 

I am joined by Steve Barnes and Scott Spiers to talk about the 2015 punk rock horror feature GREEN ROOM, directed by Jeremy Saulnier, starring Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, and big bad Patrick Stewart. This is part of our music movie series, where we discuss movies about the glory, pain, and sometimes danger that comes from daring to be a musical artist.

We talk about the production history, music, characters, lighting, and camera work. Steve brings a solid theory about chaos versus order and gives us a history of skinheads. Scott critiques the realism of the film but ends up thinking differently by the end of the show. And, of course, we share our desert island bands. It's a great show, and we think  you will love it all. 

Description of the movie: In this movie, a punk band called the Ain't Rights diverts from their planned tour to makeup for their dwindling cashpool. Their matinee show for a crowd of skinheads goes off without a hitch, except for a few boos. All seems kosher until one of them discovers a dead body. Now, trapped inside the green room without means to get help, this group of musicians has to use their wits and ability to improvise to outlast the boots and braces in the Pacific Northwest.

About Scott: Scott Spiers is the editor and chief of Clean and Sober Stoner, a website and YouTube channel where they cover the heavy underground music scene, mostly stoner and doom genres. He's also the new editor in chief and owner of Monster Riff.

About Steve: Steve Barnes is guitarist for stoner metal band Introvoid, and also plays guitar for the cover band Rebecca Crow. All of Steve's stuff can be found at

About Lindsey: Lindsey Dunn is a film critic with membership in both NC Film Critics and Southeastern Film Critics. She loves all things Cobra Kai, Netflix Dark, indie horror, and any stories about complicated relationships. You can find her at and most social channels @1ofmystories. She also has a linktee with direct links to all her channels.