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Sweet Child of Time Presents: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Discussion with Jason Kleeberg

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Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth in ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLWOOD

Jason Kleeberg of the Force Five podcast joins Steve and I in a trip down nostalgia lane with Quentin Tarantino’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD. Five years ago, this film came out, and with QT announcing his decision to shelve his supposed final film, THE MOVIE CRITIC, it seemed the perfect time to revisit a film we all consider a new classic.

We talk about the true stories that shaped the movie, including the good, the bad, and the ugly of spaghetti westerns. We also talk about what makes it such a great film and what we think it all means.

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About the film: Actor Rick Dalton gained fame and fortune by starring in a 1950s television Western but is now struggling to find meaningful work in a Hollywood that he doesn't recognize anymore. He spends most of his time drinking and palling around with Cliff Booth, his easygoing best friend and longtime stunt double. Rick also happens to live next door to Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate -- the filmmaker and budding actress whose futures will forever be altered by members of the Manson Family.

About Jason Kleeberg: Jason Kleeberg is the host, writer, producer, and editor of the Force Five Podcast. In addition to being a podcaster, he’s a Blacklist screenwriter (The Gumshoe, Powerbomb, Anglerfish), filmmaker (Clarks), and Telly Award winner (2005) from the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find him on all the channels at

About Steve Barnes: Steve Barnes is guitarist for stoner metal band Introvoid, and also plays guitar for the cover band Rebecca Crow. All of Steve's stuff can be found at

About Lindsey Dunn: Lindsey Dunn is a film critic with membership in both NC Film Critics and Southeastern Film Critics. She loves all things Cobra Kai, Netflix Dark, indie horror, and any stories about complicated relationships. You can find her at and at her linktree: