Cobra Kai Season 6 Date Announcement

Three girls do kata together
Devon, Sam, and Tory all do kata together at Miyagi-Do

The blessed day has arrived. We can finally mark our calendars. The dates for Cobra Kai season 6 have finally been announced, and it’s a doozy of an announcement. Cobra Kai will happen in 3 parts – not 1, not 2, but 3 parts. In this video, I break down the date announcement, go over the footage in the most recent Netflix trailer, and give my ideas on how the series might break down by episode. Can’t wait to watch this season along with all of you.

Part 1 drops on July 18, 2024. Part 2, then lands on November 28th, 2024 -- around Thanksgiving. The part 3 release date is yet to be determined. This seems likely to be a strategic choice to place it either before or after the anticipated Karate Kid movie. Ever since we learned that Daniel LaRusso will co-star in the new film, along with Jackie Chan, it seems necessary that the dates of release of both were somehow negotiated to an arrangement agreeable to all parties involved.

A man holds a shirt up to a woman's pregnant belly
Johnny presents Carmen with an Eagle Fang onesie.
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