Sweet Child of Time Presents: Our Top Movies of 2023 Podcast


A still from PAST LIVES, our highest common denominator movie. 

Steve Barnes invited me onto his show to talk about my top 10 movies list of 2023. He then gave his unabashed opinion about my top choices. I also got the chance to comment on his top movies. Our respectful conversation is recorded here for your enjoyment. I also shared a little about my Civil Rights Pilgrimage to Alabama. 

Steve Barnes is guitarist for stoner metal band Introvoid, and also plays guitar for the cover band Rebecca Crow. All of Steve's stuff can be found at linktr.ee/introvoid.

Lindsey Dunn is a film critic with membership in both NC Film Critics and Southeastern Film Critics. She loves all things Cobra Kai, Netflix Dark, indie horror, and any stories about complicated relationships. You can find her at 1ofmystories.com and most social channels @1ofmystories.