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Elements of Madness Presents: A Conversation With The Long Game Director Julio Quintana. [SXSW]

A man swings a golf club while three other men watch
Jose Julian as LUPE, Gregory Diaz IV as GENE, Christian Gallegos as MARIO, Julian Works as JOE

EoM contributor Lindsey Dunn speaks with Julio Quintana, the director of  THE LONG GAME, debuting in its world premiere at SXSW 2023. THE LONG GAME was written by Quintana, Jennifer C. Stetson, and Paco Farias, based on the novel MUSTANG MIRACLE by Humberto G. Garcia. This interview was originally posted as a video on the Elements of Madness YouTube Channel on March 10, 2023. The Long Game is in theaters in April of 2024.

Quintana started his career working under the direction of Terrence Malick. In this interview, they talk about lessons he gleaned from working with Malick and how he then went on to create his own unique style of filmmaking. They also discuss how his own background informed the way he framed the movie, as well as how he approached filming the sport of golf in a way that viewers would find engaging.

Two men instruct Latino youths about golf
Jay Hernandez as JB, Dennis Quaid as FRANK in THE LONG GAME
Official Synopsis: JB Peña arrives in Del Rio, TX, eager to start his new job as school superintendent at San Felipe High School and thrilled at the prospect of playing golf at the prestigious Del Rio Country Club. But when the club management rejects his application due to his skin color, JB takes comfort in training a group of Latino caddies how to excel at perhaps the most exclusive game of all. Based on a true story, The Long Game is a feel-good, triumphant story about an underdog team who became state champions. The movie stars Jay Hernandez, Dennis Quaid, Cheech Marin, Julian Works, Jaina Lee Ortiz, Brett Cullen, Oscar Nuñez, Richard Robichaux, and Paulina Chavez.