Argylle is More of a Romantic Comedy Than a Spy Thriller

Three people sit at a cafe table
Henry Cavill as ARGYLLE, Dua Lipa as LAGRANGE, John Cena as WYATT

In the tradition of Charade and the more recent Knight and Day comes Argylle, which seamlessly blends the romantic comedy and spy thriller genres. Luckily, the trailer masks much of the plot, which is not the norm these days. The star-studded cast is having a blast in this caper which proves love and adrenaline go hand in hand. Directed by Matthew Vaughn of the Kingsman franchise with screenplay by Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman; Welcome to Derry).

Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard), a best selling spy novelist, has a serious case of writer's block -- an unfortunate thing indeed since the world is eagerly anticipating the next and final novel in the series about Agent Argylle. On her way to a short getaway at her parent's house, she is approached by a man named Aiden (Sam Rockwell), claiming he's a spy trying to protect her from a group called the Division, who want to use her gifts as a writer to help them find a person of interest. Listen to this short podcast review for the full good, bad, and ugly.

Release info: February 2, 2024

Final score: 3 out of 5

Music by Aleksey Chistilin from Pixabay: Cinematic Time Lapse