Good Morning Campers, Don't Miss Out on 'Theater Camp'

Theater Camp is an Office-style filmed mockumentary about a rundown theater camp in upstate New York called camp AdironACTS. Directed by Molly Gordon & Nick Lieberman, and written by Lieberman, Gordon, Noah Galvin, and, Ben Platt, the movie stars Gordon, Galvin, Platt, Jimmy Tatro, Amy Sedaris, Nathan Lee Graham, Ayo Edebiri, and Owen Thiele.

Camp AdironACTS is the emotional heartbeat of the counselors, staff, and campers that attend every summer. When their beloved founder, Joan, goes into a coma, Joan's "crypto bro" son Troy takes her place as interim director. Long term artistic staffers Glenn, Amos, and Rebecca-Diane set out to cast three separate productions. Meanwhile, Troy attempts to right the books and save the camp from bankruptcy before Camp AdironACTS is no more.

The first genuinely funny movie I've seen all year, Theater Camp is whip-smart and witty, with a touch of heart -- a joyful story of misfits who find home with one another. Almost a perfect match to School of Rock, Theater Camp offers a yuk a minute. 

[L-R] Molly Gordon as REBECCA-DIANE, Ben Platt as AMOS

Release info: In theaters July 21, 2023

Final score: 4.5 out of 5


barnestown said…
I can't wait to see this! I am a huge fan of Ben Black, and Amy Sedaris. Good review! I'd also throw in Wet Hot American Summer, it's a goof of a movie but also portrays "art" camps in a funny way.