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Under the Skin movie discussion with Steve Barnes and Nate Dunn

A woman wearing a fur coat drives a car
Scarlett Johansson as THE FEMALE in UNDER THE SKIN

Steve "Introvoid" Barnes and Nate "Voidmaster" Dunn join me for a discussion of A24's 7th film, entitled Under the Skin, directed by Jonathan Glazer, co-written by Glazer and Walker Campbell. Loosely based on a book by Michael Faber, it's the story of an alien we know only as the Female. The Female drives around in a white van, looking for male prey to turn into skin suits. As her story continues, her conscious begins to evolve, tainting her ability to continue on mission. 

Starring Scarlett Johansson, Adam Pearson, a racer named Jeremy McWilliams, and many other unknown actors, this dreamlike and bleak sci-fi/horror blend can be interpreted to tackle issues as varied as sex trafficking to xenophobia to gender politics. We discuss our feelings about the movie and its minimalist and spare style and what we think it all means.

About Steve Barnes: Steve Barnes of "Sweet Child of Time" produces and co-hosts his recap podcast. Lindsey and Steve are currently recapping Dark. Steve is guitarist for stoner metal band Introvoid, and also plays guitar for the cover band Rebecca Crow. All of Steve's stuff can be found at

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Lindsey Dunn is a film and TV critic with the NCFilmcritics and the SEFilmcritics. Find Lindsey on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, and Letterboxd @1ofmystories and She is currently watching Queen Charlotte, the Netflix series Dark, and whatever press screeners she can get her hands on.