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Let's Talk Evil Dead, with Chris "Dice Hate Me" Kirkman


A man with a chainsaw for a hand

On this special episode of 1 of my Stories, I talk to frequent collaborator Chris "Dice Hate Me" Kirkman about the Evil Dead franchise. As we approach the dawn of Evil Dead Rise, it was time for me to watch this original trilogy for the first time. I called on Chris, who has an MBC degree (Master's in Bruce Campbell) and has been after me to watch these movies ever since I've known him. Bonus: Chris once again has provided a recipe for a signature cocktail you can enjoy called The King.

Our magic sauce of his knowledge and my technique for asking the right questions brought out all sorts of goodness, from Ash's rise from zero to hero to the techniques Sam Raimi employed to bring us to the edge of madness. Due to technical difficulties, we weren’t able to talk about all the ways Evil Dead has influenced the horror cinematic universe as much as I wanted, but some of that comes out naturally in the conversation.

Cocktail recipe for The King: Add two jiggers of whiskey and one jigger of melon liqueur to a cocktail shaker. Shake it with your non-dominant hand while laughing like a madman. Hold it over your head like a boomstick. Add grenadine to a highball glass along with ice. Pour the shaken liquid into the glass slowly so the grenadine stays in the bottom like blood. Top with ginger beer. Serve with lemon since most critics originally labeled the movie as such. Hail to the King, baby.

About Chris Kirkman: Chris Kirkman is a journalist, professor of graphic design, and founder of Dice Hate Me Games. He has helped to create a shelf full of board game titles over the past 11 years. He co-hosts both the State of Games and Geek AllStars podcasts. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, Letterboxd, and Instagram @DiceHateMe.

About Lindsey Dunn: Lindsey Dunn is a film critic known as 1 of my Stories. You can find her on all the platforms @1ofmystories. She is currently watching BEEF.