Thriller Double Feature: Inside, directed by Vasilis Katsoupis, and John Wick 4, directed by Chad Stahelski


In today's double feature review, I talk about two very different thrillers, Inside, directed by Vasilis Katsoupis and John Wick 4, directed by Chad Stahelski. 

Description of Inside: An art thief named Nemo breaks into a high-rise penthouse apartment to perform a routine art theft. But things don't go as planned, and Nemo gets locked in. Trapped inside with only priceless works of art and no running water, he must use all of his cunning and wits to survive. Inside is a tense and thought-provoking survival thriller with a powerhouse performance by Willem Dafoe.

Description of John Wick 4: The infractions of Excommunicado hitman John Wick have only continued to escalate, raising the price on his head ever higher. As the Marquis of the High table attempts to snuff him out once and for all, John Wick has his own plan to settle the score, taking him on a worldwide chase and coming face-to-face with new adversaries.

 About the reviewer: Lindsey Dunn is a film critic with NC Film Critics and Southeastern Film Critics. You can find her content at or on Twitter, Letterboxd, Instagram, SoundCloud, or YouTube at @1ofmystories.