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1899 Episode 3 Recap: The Fog

A still from 1899, courtesy of Netflix

Spooky, isn't' it? It's time for episode 3 of 1899. To see all of my 1899 recaps, go here.

In the last episode, Eyk took center stage, and we explored the tragic death of his family. The boy still hasn't said a peep, leaving everyone on the boat uneasy about his presence. Eyk makes the fateful decision to turn the ship around and tow the Prometheus with them, disobeying a direct order to sink the ship. Finally we end the show with the knowledge that someone is watching the boat’s passengers on television screens – someone besides us. What will come next? 

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Episode 3: The Fog (Love the title)

We open with a vision of a box or chest dropping underwater. A closer inspection reveals Ling Yi is inside the box. She's banging against the sides, panicked and trying to escape. The warbly distorted noises play in the background. She screams silently underwater. Maura's voice commands her to wake up.

Ling wakes up in bed on the Prometheus, panting and frightened. After a few moments, she glances across the room at her multicolored geisha robe, on a hanger and ready to go. We can see the sign of the upside-down triangle with a line through it – the sign for the element of Earth. She also notices her wig on a wig stand.

With every calamity comes opportunity 

In the next scene, Ling walks down a set of carpeted steps leading to the dining hall. She does this tentatively, as if she's never been there before. Like it's the first day in the school cafeteria and she feels insecure. She finishes walking down the stairs and finds her mother in the crowd. Yuk Je is sitting at a table with Mrs. Virginia Wilson. Virginia seems to be done with pretending she doesn't know them. She greets Ling almost warmly and tells her to sit down. The warbly music plays. Virginia mentions they were just discussing the unfortunate circumstance of the ship being turned around. But she finds: "sometimes one has to adjust to a situation as it unfolds. With every calamity comes opportunity." She taps out her cigarette with style and tells Ling to come to her room after breakfast and to not keep her waiting. She says this last bit in Cantonese, letting her know she means business.

Yuk looks very dejected. She says, "Look what you've done. We never should have gotten on this ship. It was a huge mistake." Ling looks bothered by her mother's statement but says nothing. We cut to the title credits and the "White Rabbit" theme song.

Krester in a cage

In the next scene, we see the Prometheus being towed behind the Kerberos. A couple of horn blasts sound for good measure. The ship has resumed the journey, but now goes in the opposite direction as before. The camera focuses on Krester, standing behind the locked gate that divides the third class passengers from crossing the class divide. He does this half-heartedly, as if he knows there's no point. We know in episode 1, he did manage to get through. It makes you curious as to how he managed this trick the first time. He calls out tentatively for Ada with a questioning voice. Clearly, he's now worried at her absence. He rattles the bars of the gate, like an animal in a cage.

Dr. Murray does an autopsy 

We know move to the ship's infirmary. This is the first time in this space, I believe. Dr. Murray is examining the body of Ada, lying on a metal hospital cart. Franz, Sebastian, Captain Eyk, and Maura look on. He does a very cursory examination of her body that doesn't involve removing any clothes. He says there's no bruising or broken skin and  also mentions her bones are intact. He opens her mouth and smells her breath. He doesn't smell anything or see anything that indicates poisoning. He declares it a natural death, like a stroke or heart attack.

Now, we've all seen Law and Order and other shows that show an autopsy. This type of exam takes hours to do thoroughly. We know Dr. Murray isn't doing his job. He doesn’t believe Ada is worth the effort to even take a closer look. Maura speaks up and mentions she spoke to her a few days ago. That she was well and healthy at that time.

Dr. Murray looks miffed and mentions it's a mistake for women to practice medicine. That they are too emotional to perceive the facts at hand. He references Darwin and survival of the fittest. It's good to clear out "the bad seeds." Dr. Murray wants to return to his breakfast. As far as he's concerned, the matter is closed. Maura looks perturbed but she says nothing.

After Dr. Murray leaves, Eyk asks Maura to say a little more. Maura mentions she met her because of her pregnant sister, who is downstairs. Franz glances up when she says this. Eyk switches to German and tells Franz he should tell no one. Maura doesn't hear this order. Franz seems uncomfortable. Shouldn't they tell the girl's family? That issue never gets resolved because suddenly, the ship makes a giant rumbling sound. Sebastian realizes the ship is slowing down. The captain walks outside, and everyone follows him. Maura leaves too, but she gently touches Ada's hand before doing so.

[L-R]: Emily Beecham as MAURA, Isaak Dentler as FRANZ, Andreas Pietschmann as EYK, Niklas Maienschein as WILHELM

A fog descends

On the deck, the captain finds Wilhelm (Niklas Maienschein), a part of the crew, staring out along the horizon. There are other passengers on the deck, but strangely, none of them appears to be talking or moving much. They almost look like statues. Wilhelm mentions they had a clear view, but from one second to the next, a great fog descended. With the compasses going off and the fog, it's no longer possible to navigate. The captain looks very surprised but states they should hold position and wait for the fog to clear. Sebastian and Franz share a glance. Eyk tells Maura that he needs to show her something in English. It's not clear if the rest of the crew can speak English or only Eyk. Eyk seems to be talking to his crew in German and Maura in English.

Just a curious aside, as Maura walks off, we can see she's wearing loose pants. They are almost like bolero pants. All this time, I thought she was wearing a skirt, as befitting a woman of the late 1800s. After they walk off, Franz complains to Sebastian again. He says that the captain is making a mistake. That he has been making a long line of mistakes and that "we've lost our course." He believes the captain has lost his mind. Sebastian looks concerned, but he neither agrees or disagrees with Franz. He keeps his thoughts to himself.

Am I mad, or do you see what I see? 

Back in his cabin, Eyk shows Maura the blue and white ribbon he founds on the Prometheus. He continues his trend of confiding in her. He tells her that it belonged to his daughter and that he found it on the Prometheus. He confesses his daughter is dead; that his wife and daughters died in a fire two years ago. Yet yesterday he saw and heard Nina. How is this possible? He asks Maura if we can see things that aren't there that seem so real.

Maura gives a very doctorly answer. She says that the brain isn't always reliable. Everything we see, hear, and feel is caused by electrical impulses. Sometimes we misinterpret the signals and that's how you go mad. She hands him back the ribbon and gives a kind "sorry for your losses." Eyk looks taken aback. He then walks quickly to his bed and pushes it aside, showing her the wooden panel and opening to the shaft. He states rather triumphantly, "Am I mad, or do you see what I see? I know the ship inside out. This shouldn't be here." He then says he is still not understanding the truth but that the ship’s company is trying to hide something. He plans to find the ship's logbook to investigate more. Maura doesn't hesitate. She wants to come, too.

Thoughts and prayers

In third class, Anker holds Ada's doll. Some of the fellow passengers are speaking in Norwegian, mostly complaining that they don't know what's going on. And now, even worse, people are going missing. The passengers make unconvincing attempts to comfort Iben and Anker, Ada's parents. Tove walks up and tells her parents that she can't find Ada. Tove wants her dad to do something. It's not clear what. Iben counters that they just need to pray more. She asks Anker to lead them in prayer. Tove is upset and walks out. She doesn't like feeling helpless. No one does, but Tove seems like she's taking this the hardest.

Isabella Wei as LING

Virginia's examination

We now find Ling in Virginia's room. Virginia commands her to undress all the way. Ling removes all of her many layers of clothing until she's naked. Virginia comments that she's prettier than she thought. Then tells Ling to lie down on the bed. She needs to see if Ling is "clean." Virginia efficiently moves Ling's legs to get in the right position, then removes her ring. She "examines" Ling and is surprised to find that Ling is a virgin. Ling silently tears up, as whatever Virginia is doing hurts. While she's doing all of this, Virginia repeats her philosophy that frustration and boredom are great motivators. At this moment Virginia realizes she has been deceived. Ling is supposed to be one of her best girls, yet Ling is a virgin. She doesn't like being deceived, but she does like surprises. All in all, Virginia seems pleased at this turn of events. She realizes men will find it valuable that Ling is a virgin. She tells Ling to be ready at 8 pm.

Respectfully, Captain

At the lowering deck, Eyk and Maura are preparing to leave for the excursion to explore the Prometheus for the logbook. Franz tries a diplomatic approach and respectfully tells Eyk he can't leave the ship again. That people want to know what's going on. Something is wrong. Sebastian then speaks up. He agrees that something is wrong with the Prometheus and suggests they leave the Prometheus behind and set the Kerberos back on course. Eyk ignores all of this talk and orders Franz to lower the boat. Franz looks like he wants to argue but finally does as the captain asks. Franz's face is still covered in blood, as he enjoys carrying the trophy of his fight with Jérôme. Franz declares the captain a drunken fool and stomps off.

Sebastian then does an odd thing. He opens a secret panel that contains three buttons. Okay, things just got weird. I mean, it was already weird with the television screens and the locksmith beetles, but we have now reached another level. And Sebastian is in on it somehow. He seems so normal. There's a big red button in the middle. On the left there's a button with a triangle pointing up, symbol of fire. On the right, the triangle points down, symbol for water. Sebastian pulls a slip of paper out of his pocket. It's the ticker tape that came out of the Morse code machine at the end of episode 2 – all triangles. Sebastian uses the tape to type in a code on the buttons. He doesn't touch the red button. When he's done, a clicking noise and then a whirring noise come to life.

The boy goes under the bed 

Back in Maura's room, the boy sits on her bed, looking quite morose. He walks over to the desk and picks up the large black pyramid. He then walks back to the bed and slides underneath the bed skirt. He's hidden from view, and we hear some strange noises, like things moving around. Does Maura have a wooden panel under her bed, like Eyk? What does the boy do here? Does he go into the paneled shaft and down the ladder? Well, we will have to leave that idea for now. Because it's on to the next scene.

Eyk and Maura bond in the lifeboat 

Eyk and Maura row the lifeboat towards the Prometheus, making their way through the fog. Maura takes this opportunity to ask Eyk why he wanted her in the infirmary. He tells her that he wanted a second opinion. Also he disagrees with Dr. Murray and doesn't think Maura lets her emotions cloud her judgment. Maura looks pleased at his confidence. Their moment of bonding continues as Eyk compliments her for taking the boy in to her care. Maura deflects the compliment by saying that the boy lost everything. Eyk then asks if Maura has children. Maura admits that she had a miscarriage a few years ago, and now she can't have children. It's the closest she's come to trusting him with any personal information. He then asks her why she is afraid to go back home. She tells him that she lost everything. The theme of loss continues to be important to all the passenger's back stories.

Ling runs from one box to another  

Back in Ling and Yuk's cabin, Yuk continues to rail at Ling about the state of things. It's low-key railing. She's not yelling, yet it's clear she's disappointed how things turned out and wants Ling to know that. She carries on that now Mrs. Wilson knows they lied and that they aren't who they say they are. She asks Ling if things are how she imagined them to be. Yuk wanted a better life for Ling, but Ling only wanted her freedom.

Ling counters that her life before wasn't so great. That she felt like she was put in a box. Every time men came to visit Yuk, Ling had to hide. It felt like a prison. This reminds of the conversation that Clémence has with Jérôme. She talked to Jérôme about how life as a crew must feel like prison.

Yuk and Ling have very different ideas of what is good here, and we are learning about their past life indirectly. It seems like Yuk's past life involved her turning to prostitution as a way to provide for her daughter. Her goal was to make sure Ling would never have to do this. But Ling feels that if it's good enough for her mother, it's good enough for her. At least this way, she makes the choice, instead of having choices thrust open her. It's still not clear what Ling ran from. Was she promised to a man in marriage and didn't want that life?

Yuk doesn't want Ling to become a prostitute. She warns her that there's no coming back from this. You can't rub this kind of dirt off. This reminds me of the old chewing gum theory. Ling isn't having any of this kind of talk. She takes off running, wanting to escape her mother. It can't have been easy to run in those shoes. She drops her wig on the deck and heads into the fog, looking for a place to hide. She hides inside a box or chest.

A glitching noise sounds. Ling peers through a crack in the box, which appears to be more of a basket. Through the crack she sees another version of herself talking to her mother. Her mother chides her that she killed someone. Ling cries that she didn't mean to. She's seen her mother give this drink to customers before. She thought it would make the person sleep, not die. The mother holds the robe and states that it's too late now, and Ling must help her. As she watches in horror, this version of her and her mother work together to lift the chest in which the now-Ling is hiding. Ling cries for help, but they throw the box overboard.

[L-R] Isabella Wei as LING, Maciej Musial as OLEK

Hello, I'm Olek

Ling gasps in terror and looks up to see a surprised Olek. He speaks to her gently in Polish and tells her it's okay. He helps her get out of the box and notices she's shivering. He offers her his dirty jacket, which can offer some warmth. He tells her his name, and she shares hers. From somewhere out in the fog, Ling starts when she hears her mother's voice calling for her. Sizing the situation up, Olek takes her to his favorite hiding spot – the lowering deck.

Grumbles in third class

Back in third class, the passengers complain that the ship is turning around. It's nothing new, but interestingly, many of the passengers speak in Norwegian. But there is no separation. They all seem happy to share the same space. They complain that they paid money and are now going back. Will they have to pay again? Suddenly, Franz enters the room, surprising everyone. They recognize him as crew and try to question him, but he ignores everyone and heads for Tove. He asks her if she can speak German and tells her that her sister has been found.

Franz hasn't really shown any empathy for anyone up until this point. For some reason, he feels an affinity for Tove. Either that, or he is just dying for an opportunity to disobey the captain. But I think he admires her strength.

He takes her to the infirmary and shows her Ada's body. She demands to know who did this. He tells her that a doctor examined the body but couldn't tell. Tove then cries and carries her sister's body back towards her family. Franz tries to help, but Tove won't allow him to touch her. The fellow passengers take off their hats, showing respect. A mournful dirge plays in the background by the talented Ben Frost. The song is entitled "At Hjælpe Hendes Sjæl På Vej," which translates into English as: "To Help Her Soul on its Way."

We all wear masks 

Krester is still at the gate, looking for Ada. He doesn't know about this new development yet. He's just staring at the iron cross, perhaps praying. Ángel finds him there and plays the old "we must stop meeting like this" card. Krester tries to explain that his sister is missing. Ángel doesn't understand him and doesn't seem to really try either. He reaches through the bars and begins to caress Krester's face again. Ángel asks how he got his scar. But he isn't really asking for information. He shares that we all wear masks, and that he's had to wear a mask his whole life. His mother forced this on him so that he could "present a perfect illusion while trying to hide who he is on the inside." He admires that Krester doesn't have to hide. Everyone can see him for who he is.

As he makes this speech, Ángel reaches down Krester's pants and starts to fondle him. Krester surprises him by suddenly grabbing his wrist (the same motion that the boy and Maura have made). Ángel thinks maybe Krester is trying to stop him. On the contrary, Krester decides to take the power position this time and begins to touch Ángel in the same way. It's an interesting twist on their usual power dynamics.

Now on the Prometheus, Eyk and Maura look out at the fog. Eyk remarks that it's almost like the fog is trying to stop them from moving forward. He shows her where the logbook should be. They then go down a set of stairs to the ship's captain's quarters. Down in the room, they find another panel under the bed. They use the lantern to light the way down the shaft. This is Maura's first time in the shaft. She looks at the black subway tile like she's seen this before. He asks her if she sees anything, and she glances up at him. Her face is strange, like she's seen a ghost.

Did you find it?

Back in Maura's room, the boy comes out from under the bed. He looks unhappy. Two knocks sound at the door twice. The boy puts the pyramid back on the desk. The little beetle comes under the door, and the door unlocks. Daniel is standing there and comes inside. The little boy picks up the beetle. Daniel asks, "Did you find it?" And the little boy shakes his head. Daniel looks pissed. These two are working together, but the boy seems afraid of Daniel.

A tale of three ships

Back on the Prometheus, Eyk tells Maura some more information about the ship. A few months ago, a fleet of three German ships was sold to a wealthy British investor named Henry Singleton. The ships went to dry dock for three months. They put in a new communication system and refurbished everything. Maura says nothing. The upside-down triangle is the company's symbol. There's something else they changed that he wants to show her.

Maura listens to this with curiosity. But it's wise to note that the investor's name is Henry Singleton, Henry being the first name on the letter that Maura has in her possession. We also remember that she told the boy that her brother sent that letter to her. I'm baffled at what all of this mean but somehow, Maura must be Henry. Unless it's just a coincidence.

Isabella Wei as LING

Visions of Mei Mei 

Olek brings Ling to the lowering deck. The eery fog is visible outside the window. He continues to talks with her gently, even though she can't understand anything he says. He runs off to get her something to eat, not knowing what else to do. He leaves her alone, and she has tears in her eyes. She walks towards the fog, and it appears to swallow her whole. The ringing tones are back again.

Ling goes into another vision. She walks towards a boat and finds her friend, Mei Mei. Ling is frightened because she's been here before. Mei Mei just looks amused and happy. She shows Ling her beautiful new robe, which is the same one that Ling now wears. Mei Mei is excited to escape and go to America. Ling gets more and more agitated and tries to warm her friend.

Suddenly Mei Mei falls down in pain, holding her stomach. Ling sees a cup of tea nearby and asks if she drank what was in the cup. Mei Mei blames Ling: "This is what you gave me." Ling apologizes that she only wanted her to sleep so she could leave for America. She cries desperately for Mei Mei to wake up.

Olek finds her in this state again. He asks her what happened. Ling finally speaks more than a few grunts. She tells Olek that she's done something horrible. This kimono doesn't belong to me. It's all a lie. She goes to him, wanting to be held. He does so gently. His calming presence soothes her in that moment. As the scene closes, she says, "We are not supposed to have dreams."

[L-R] Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen as KRESTER, Clara Rosager as TOVE

We have to open the window or her soul can't leave 

We then cut to Krester, a man who has no dreams of his own. He comes back to the fold and finds his sister lying dead on a table. Tove asks, "Where have you been?" He doesn't answer, but cries a single tear. He then picks up a piece of wooden furniture and begins beating on the porthole window. The furniture breaks, and he continues to try and break the window with his fists. Tove tries to stop him. Krester cries and says, "We have to open the window, or her soul can't leave."

In looking into Krester's remarks, I learned that there is a Danish funeral custom. A dead soul needs fresh air. This allows the soul to return to the elements of nature. Their position of being trapped under the ship without windows keeps that from happening. They are trapped once again.

Franz walks out of the room and down the hall. He sees three more bodies, lying face up, just like Ada was found. He rings a bell.

Eyk makes a discovery 

Back on the Prometheus, Eyk takes Maura down to the boiler room. He shows her a secret panel. The new ship company put in this contraption. It's supposed to measure steam pressure and send signals up to the bridge. But on the Kerberos it never worked.

Maura speculates that Eyk thinks the ship lied. That it's for something else. This doesn't answer where everyone went though. She wonders how hot the boilers get. Eyk answers up to 900 degrees Celsius. Maura says that cremators generate that kind of temperatures. Maybe they burned the bodies. The decide to look through the ashes. Maura suggests they should look for tiny fractures of bones and teeth.

The strange ringing tones sound. As Eyk looks through the ashes, he finds a book. He pulls out a page. It says  Passenger List of the Prometheus. North Atlantic Line, Southampton. He turns the page over and looks shocked and surprised. He quickly glances at Maura and folds up the paper, putting it in his breast pocket. Maura senses a change and comes over, asking him if he's found something. Eyk lies and says no. And just tells Maura that they should get back. He leaves the rest of the book there. Maybe he plans to come back and get it later?

[L-R] Isaella Wei as LING, Maciej Musial as OLEK

We're not supposed to have dreams 

Ling returns to the room she shares with her mother. Yuk looks relived and hugs Ling. She apologizes and asks Ling to forgive her. Ling just steps back woodenly. She says, "You were right. We're not supposed to have dreams. And if we take what doesn't belong to us, our dreams turn into nightmares." She begins to re-paint her face, covering up her now runny eye makeup. Ling will be ready for Mrs. Wilson at 8 pm as requested. Yuk looks very sad. Ling has resigned herself to this path.

Lucien gets ready

Lucien's hand shakes as he gets ready for the evening's activities. He opens a drawer. We can see that Lucien has an envelope of his own. We don't see anything else though. Instead Lucien turns his attention to three vials. He opens one, but Clémence enters the room. Lucien hurriedly drops the vial and its contents on the floor. He rubs his hand. She's surprised that he's going out. He wants to get some air, he says. She asks if she should come with him. Of course, the answer is no. He hesitates for a minute before leaving the room. Clémence goes over to the desk and notices the vial. She looks unhappy. An arrangement of Sakura plays.

Now in room 2108, Ling prepares herself to greet Lucien. We cut quickly to Virgina, who has her hair down. She's wrapped in a towel, her hair wet. She counts a stack of money and puts it in a box, on top of her own letter.

Ling dances for Lucien with a fan. Afterwards, she begins to take her clothes off. He stops her, saying, "That's not what I want. I'd just like to stay here for a while." He speaks about things never turning out how you expect. All his life, he wanted what he has now: first class, fine clothes. He thought he deserved a better life. Now none of that matters anymore. His speech gets interrupted as he begins to have a seizure. He tells Ling that it never lasts long. Lucien continues to seize. Ling looks a little frightened, but she kneels down next to him. We aren't sure what happens next. That's the last we see of Lucien and Ling this episode.

Maura and Eyk return

Maura and Eyk now return to the Kerberos. The temperature between them has changed. Eyk hasn't spoken since they left the Prometheus. She asks him about this. He shortly tells her that it's better not to tell anyone where they were. The warm rapport has died for now.

Franz makes one more attempt with Sebastian 

Franz makes one more attempt at getting Sebastian on his side. He shows the three dead bodies he found. Just like Ada, there is no blood or bruises. He tells Sebastian, "You are the first mate. You must take command of the ship. Something is wrong. Something killed everyone on that ship and is now doing the same thing here." He speculates that maybe the company wanted them to sink the ship so that whatever was on the ship didn't get anyone else. Sebastian still doesn't budget. He supports his captain's decision to wait.

Isabella Wei as LING


Franz takes that as his opportunity to take action. He and a small entourage of crew members, armed with rifles, enter the dining room. Franz does his version of a rousing speech. He implores everyone to fight against the captain's bad decisions. He wants to get the Kerberos back on course. Everyone yells their agreement. Franz begins to hand out the rifles. Tove is one of the first in line. She is ready to take action.

Over at a table, Olek quietly gets up and makes his way towards the exit door. He is trying to leave without a fuss. Franz notices him though and stops him from leaving. Probably he was going to warn the captain. Franz knows that Olek is the captain's buddy somehow. He knocks him out briefly with a rifle. And now Olek joins Jérôme in the brig. This is the first and the last we have seen of Jérôme this episode.

Franz and his thugs head towards first class.

You cannot change the nature of things 

Ángel comes back to his cabin to find Ramiro looking through his sketch book. Ramiro looks very sad and asks where Ángel has been. Ángel tries to distract him with the news that the crew is taking over. Ángel sees this as good news. They can resume the journey to America. Ramiro continues to question him. Ángel just keeps making jokes at Ramiro's expense. Ramiro is tired of being talked down to, though. He reminds Ángel that he is a murderer. Now he's wearing the man's clothes, all because Ángel couldn't control himself. Also, Ángel promised he would change. During this speech Ángel changes expressions from smug and jokey to contemplative. He says, "You cannot change the nature of things. I am who I am. You are who you are. Nothing will change that."

Ramiro looks sad and says he's going to do the right thing and warn the captain.

Miss Maura Franklin 

Back in his room, Eyk pushes things back to their normal position, covering the panel up. He pulls out the passenger list. This time, we can see that it says Passenger list of the Prometheus, Captain E. Larsen. Now, who is E. Larsen. Is that Eyk? This seems strange, but he is interested in the list of names on the back. We see several names, but only one stands out: Miss Maura Franklin.

Boy, I have so many thoughts. So what does this mean? Was Maura a passenger on the Prometheus? Was Eyk the captain? Also, where is the third ship? There was Prometheus, the Kerberos, and …?

Clara Rosager as TOVE

Daniel has no game

Maura stands on the deck — a different one from where she normally talks to Eyk. Instead, it’s the one where the other characters meet. Daniel remarks on the strange fog. It's as if someone sent it on purpose to stop the madman (Eyk) from dragging them to Europe. Maura speaks up for Eyk. He's not mad. He's just gone through a lot. He lost everything. Daniel says that he lost someone, too. Heavy footsteps approach. The people, armed with rifles, continue their journey towards Eyk's cabin. They take no notice of Daniel or Maura. Daniel suggests that Maura lock herself in her cabin. You wonder if Maura will try to warn Eyk or do as Daniel suggests.

Turn the ship around

Ramiro comes to Eyk's cabin, trying to warn him as he promised. Eyk doesn't understand what he's trying to say. But soon the armed crowd comes down the hall. Eyk pulls Ramiro into his cabin. But the crowd also descends down the stairwell from the bridge. Sebastian also has his hands up. He has not abandoned the captain. Tove points her rifle at Eyk and orders him to turn the ship around. The outro music is The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnyman.

In the final scene, Daniel pulls a device out of his pocket. It has buttons you can slide. Daniel begins to move the buttons until he finds the right one, placing it in the middle. Immediately the steam panel that Eyk showed Maura fires up. And like a flash, the Kerberos disappears from the water. Daniel looks at the camera. Holy cow! Where did the Kerberos go. The whole ship was transported somewhere.

Burning questions

  • Where did the Kerberos go?
  • What happened to the TV screens from the last episode?
  • Why are all of these bodies dying? What's the cause?
  • What will Jérôme and Olek get up to next?
  • Why is Maura's name on the Prometheus list? And who is Henry Singleton?
  • What was the boy supposed to find?

Until next time, shipmates.