Stranger Things season 4.1 discussion with Darryl Mansel and Harrison Martin

Stranger Things, season 4, was so great that I was overwhelmed with the need to discuss with other fans. Darryl Mansel, Harrison Martin, and I converged to discuss everything Hawkins, Satanic Panic, and Upside Down. It's full of spoilers and juicy tidbits. It may not be quite as great as winning an Americantendo, but give it a listen. We discuss the new characters, theories about Vecna, and what will be Nancy's song. Let us know what you think. Access the video on YouTube to use time stamps. We vow to record after part 2 is over! You can watch Stranger Things on Netflix.

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About Stranger Things season 4: After surviving the battle of Starcourt Mall, the Hawkins gang has broken up, with the Byers and Eleven moving to sunny California. Everyone settles into their new life, trying to make the best of things and move on. But the evil lurking in Hawkins is far from over. This new season takes place in multiple locations: Hawkins, California, Russia, and a mysterious bunker in the desert. With new secrets, new threats, and new characters, the world of Stranger Things keeps getting bigger.

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