A Conversation with Sune Kolster, film score composer for Speak No Evil, directed by Christian Tafdrup

Another great interview! This time I spoke with Sune Kolster, the score composer of the horror movie that shocked the masses at Sundance 2022, Speak No Evil, directed by Christian Tafdrup. We talk about his career, his partnership with Tafdrup, the unusual decisions that were made in scoring this film, and the most challenging moment to score. As if that wasn't enough, Sune also tells a fascinating story of how he met the lead opera singer he hired on the streets of Copenhagen. All this and bonus: you will be serenaded during this interview as Sune's wife was singing while she created animation in the studio next door.

About Speak No Evil: After befriending a Dutch couple during a vacation in Italy, Bjorn (Morten Burian) and Louise (Sidsel Siem Koch), a Danish couple, accept an invitation to that family's home six months after they meet. "It would be impolite not to accept," Bjorn decides. While Louise feels uncomfortable, she can't exactly explain why. After all, it's just a weekend -- what could possibly go wrong? Speak No Evil will be streaming on Shudder later in 2022. Read my review of the movie here

You can view a segment from the score here

About Sune "Køter" Kølster: Sune "Køter" Kølster produces film music that combines the art of classical composition with the energy and edginess of the extreme underground music scene in Copenhagen, his home city. Sune started in punk rock, but has worked in many styles and genres, including Greek rebetiko, middle eastern vocal improvisation, and classical/contemporary. He tries to give each film the soul it deserves. You can follow Sune's work at his website

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