Cobra Kai Season 6 Date Announcement

Cobra Kai season 4 discussion with Chris Kirkman aka Dice Hate Me

I sat down with Chris Kirkman (@DiceHateMe) to discuss season 4 of Cobra Kai. As you can infer from the larger-than-average run time, we had a lot to say. Spoilers are guaranteed. On this episode, we discuss the impact of Karate Kid 3 on the season, all of the amazing character arcs, our favorite moments, and our hopes and predictions for season 5. Click through to the video to find time stamps to fast forward to the content you want. Please enjoy! 

Season 4 description: The deal has been struck. If Eagle Fang or Miyagi-Do win this year's All-Valley Tournament, Cobra Kai must leave the valley for good. If Cobra Kai wins, then Johnny and Daniel must resign. With so much at stake, Daniel and Johnny decide to lay aside differences and join forces. But Kreese has plans to bring in an old friend of his own. Who will win the soul of the valley and the right to teach karate?


About Chris Kirkman: Chris Kirkman is a journalist, professor of graphic design, and founder of Dice Hate Me Games. He has helped to create a shelf full of board game titles over the past 11 years. He co-hosts both the State of Games and Geek AllStars podcasts. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, Letterboxd, and Instagram @DiceHateMe.

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