'Spencer' Review with Hunter Heilman and Jesse Nussman [Film Fest 919]

Surreal family drama anyone? It's the time of year for awkward family holiday celebrations. What better way to celebrate than to to watch and discuss Pablo Larrain's new film, Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart, Timothy Spall, Sally Hawkins, and Sean Harris. Joining me to see if they can make pearls out of this pea soup is Hunter Heilman and Jesse Nussman, two of my fellow NC film critics. It was an absolute blast to collaborate with Jesse and Hunter. We first met at Film Fest 919 in 2019, and all three of us covered the festival in 2021. 

In this episode, we talk about the movie, the performances, the score, and how the whole thing matched up against our expectations. And what's the possibility of Stewart landing some awards? Tune in for all the royal high drams one could hope for. 

Movie description: The marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles has long since grown cold. Though rumors of affairs and a divorce abound, peace is ordained for the Christmas festivities at the queen's estate. There's eating and drinking, shooting and hunting planned. Over the course of a three day holiday weekend at Sandringham Estate, Diana's marriage and her sanity begins to spiral out of control. 

About Hunter Heilman: Hunter is the senior contributor at Elements of Madness. Hunter Heilman is a film critic with experience spanning back to when he was 14 years old following a long, but unhealthy obsession with the 2006 film Final Destination 3 (don't ask; was a weird kid). He has been a member of the North Carolina Film Critics Association since 2015, and was the first college writer offered admission. Follow his slow untethering from reality on Twitter or on Letterboxd.

About Jesse Nussman: Jesse Nussman joined the NCFCA in 2018 for his work writing movie reviews at WCCB Charlotte. Since then, he's written pieces for publications such as Film Inquiry, Spectrum News 1, Man Of The Hour, and more. Currently, he produces and hosts Film Inquiry's The Latest, a weekly podcast series tackling the latest movie releases, along with news and industry trends. Find Jesse on Twitter or Letterboxd.

About Lindsey Dunn: Lindsey is a librarian and film critic known by the moniker 1ofMyStories. She thinks stories have the power to change lives and minds in a way that works better than arguing. You can find her on Letterboxd or Twitter @1ofmystories. Or check the website: 1ofmystories.com.