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A Conversation with Phil McGowan: Emmy-nominated score mixer for Cobra Kai

In my latest interview, I speak with Phil McGowan, who is a go-to score mixer for films, TV shows, and video games. Phil was recently nominated for two Emmy Awards in the score mixing category for Cobra Kai (Netflix) and TINA (HBO Max). In this conversation, we talk about his background and path to becoming a score mixer, the process of score mixing, what it was like to score mix Cobra Kai (!), and what's coming up next for him. Phil has a lot of passion for his craft, and it was fascinating to learn about another aspect of film music that often goes unnoticed.

About Phil: Phil McGowan specializes in recording and mixing music for films, TV shows, and video games. He’s worked with numerous prolific composers and is considered a go-to score mixer in the industry. He was recently nominated for 2 Emmy Awards in the Score Mixing category for the Netflix series Cobra Kai and the HBO Max series TINA. He has a huge page on IMDB. Some of the credits that got me very excited include Last Days in the Desert, The Gift, The Lodge, Promising Young Woman, Wild Indian, and, of course Cobra Kai.

To find out more about Phil, visit his website.

Instagram: Philm_mix

Twitter: @Phil_mcgowan

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