The Green Knight Movie Review with Darryl Mansel

On this episode of 1 of My Stories, Darryl Mansel @Seedalicious joins me for a rousing discussion about The Green Knight, directed and written by David Lowery, starring Dev Patel, Joel Edgerton, and Alicia Vikander. It is based on the Arthurian poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight," although the film diverges widely from the source material. We talk about why he raved about the movie for an entire year (maybe more), our expectations vs. the reality, and what it all means (at least to us). You don't want to miss this absolutely spoiler free discussion. If you want to know if this movie is for you, or just want to revisit the story with us, check this one out. 

Movie description: On Christmas Day, Sir Gawain, the nephew of the King and a would-be knight is with King Arthur and his men for a time of revelry. The event is interrupted by a tree-like lord known as the Green Knight, who drops a challenge for a Christmas game -- a blow for a blow. Gawain chops off the knight's head and is told to travel to the Green Chapel in one year so that the knight can return the favor. After the year, Gawain travels to the Green Chapel, encountering many challenges along the way. At each stop, he gains an opportunity to prove his mettle and his right to sit once again at the side of the king. But the quest for honor doesn't come easy. 

About Darryl Mansel: Darryl Mansel is the host and founder of the Poprika Reviews podcast. Poprika began in 2014 and was dedicated to all things pop culture. These days Darryl focuses on films alone, but there's a rich body of content still on Poprika for those who dare to dig. Poprika also has an active Facebook community that listeners can join. Darryl also discusses movies with Douglas Davidson on their Cine-Men podcast, which can also be found on the Poprika Reviews website. You can find Darryl on Twitter @Seedalicious. 

How to watch The Green Knight: Currently in theater. Also, A24 will stream the movie for home viewing for one night only on August 18th, 2021. Tickets are $20. Watch it on the web, the A24 Apple TV app, or through Roku app, US only. 

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