A Conversation with Christian Taylor: Director of The Girl Who Wore Freedom

I had the privilege of interviewing Christian Taylor, an actress, producer, film writer, and director. Christian's directorial debut, the documentary The Girl Who Wore Freedom, explores the story of D-Day from the perspective of French survivors. 

In our conversation, we discuss her background, her trip to France that inspired the documentary, and the powerful lessons Christian gleaned from the stories she heard. The film has garnered many awards, with more festivals to come. 

Description of film: The Girl Who Wore Freedom shares a love story that has lasted for over 75 years but has, in many ways, gone unseen by the majority of Americans -- the love story between the French and the U.S. soldiers they see as heroes and liberators of Normandy. With the perfect combination of historical fact, compelling storytelling, and curated footage, both reenacted and archived, director Christian Taylor spins a story of remembrance, empathy for the stranger, and forgiveness. Read my full review of the film here.

About Christian Taylor: Christian Taylor is an actress, casting director, coach, director, producer, and screenwriter. Christian began her career in the entertainment industry interviewing senators on Capitol Hill with the TV/Radio department of the Senate. The Girl Who Wore Freedom is her directorial debut. She also is a regular guest on the fabulous The Holy Post podcast and the host of the Documentary First podcast, which follows Christian through the process of making her first documentary and the ups and downs of it all. 

Film website: TheGirlWhoWoreFreedom.com

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About Interviewer: Lindsey Dunn is a member of the North Carolina Film Critics Association and writes movie reviews at the website 1ofmystories.com. She believes in the power of stories to change hearts and minds better than any logical argument. She still pinches herself daily that her dream of being a film critic finally came true. In addition to reviewing films, she enjoys interviewing filmmakers and curating movie recommendations for others. Although she enjoys many types of movies, her wheelhouse is classic movies (or those that pay homage to them), suspense, and films in which characters wrestle with faith. Her other interests include mixology, midcentury modern design and architecture, eating homemade popcorn, and listening to podcasts about faith and culture. You can also follow her on Twitter: @1ofmystories.