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Fast and Furious series review (1-8) with Chris Kirkman

Grab your Corona and tuna fish sandwich for this duo review of the Fast and Furious franchise. Lindsey Dunn (1 of My Stories) is joined by Chris Kirkman (@DiceHateMe) to discuss our favorite characters, the love advice we can glean from the on-screen romances, and our hopes for F9 and the future of the "Family." Plus, Chris shares a special cocktail recipe, a board game to play, and a LEGO set he built.

Series description: Dom, a street racer and small-time crook and Brian, an undercover police officer, form an unbreakable bond over their mutual love of fast cars and the thrill of the chase. Over the course of 8 films, they collect a band of random people from their lives into a chosen family that perform an increasingly elaborates series of heists, crimes, rescue missions, and the like. Over time their status rises from small time crooks to international super spies, able to thwart the toughest adversaries. Along the way, they defy gravity, drink a lot of Coronas, and wreak havoc and destruction on entire cities and a whole lotta cars. 

About Chris Kirkman: Chris Kirkman is a journalist, professor of graphic design, founder of Dice Hate Me Games, and a co-owner of Greater than Games. He has helped to create a shelf full of board game titles over the past 11 years. He co-hosts both the State of Games and Geek AllStars podcasts. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, Letterboxd, and Instagram @DiceHateMe. 

About Lindsey Dunn: Lindsey is a librarian and film critic known by the moniker 1ofMyStories. She thinks stories have the power to change lives and minds in a way that works better than arguing. You can find her on Letterboxd or Twitter @1ofmystories. Or check the website: