Five Off-the-Wall Cobra Kai Theories That Will Never Come True

Image of Daniel and Johnny fighting
Fans really want a Daniel and Johnny team-up on COBRA KAI

Now that Cobra Kai has come to Netflix, a whole new slew of fans is getting to enjoy it for the first time. The big question in everyone's mind -- when will season 3 arrive? Long time fans have been waiting since 2019. With all of that wishing, hoping, and praying for the next installment, fan theories run rampant. Countless YouTube videos, articles, and discussions threads speculate about what will come next for Johnny, Daniel, Miguel, and the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-do dojos. Certain events seem inevitable, but there are endless possibilities. Here are the top theories fans want and seem likely:

  • Johnny and Daniel will unite forces to take down Kreese. 
  • Ali will come back and rehabilitate Miguel.
  • Chozen will enter as a character.
  • Terry Silver will enter as a character.
  • Mike Barnes will enter as a character. 
As you can see, many of these theories center around OG characters coming back, bringing chances for redemption, reunion, or catharsis. Anytime Daniel and Johnny appear on-screen together, the bromance is charming and delightful, so it's natural that we want these two to pair up -- even briefly -- to fight a common enemy. Despite their different philosophies, they both want the best for their kids and to be better versions of themselves. 

But enough of the theories that are most likely. What's more fun than promoting the most likely theories? Making up ridiculous theories that will never come to be but are hilarious to imagine. It's something I've always enjoyed doing as an exercise in storytelling, imagination, and stretching the truth. So here, in no particular order, are my top five off-the-wall theories that will never happen. 

Stingray is the chosen one

Image of Stingray
Paul Walter Hauser as Stingray on COBRA KAI

During season 3, all of the Cobra Kai transfer their loyalties to Miyagi-do. Some take longer than others. The second-to-last to make the switch is Hawk. Even Hawk sees the light eventually. Only one Cobra remains -- Stingray. Kreese works him day and night and turns him into the ultimate Cobra warrior. Stingray takes down the competition and wins the tournament, causing Cobra Kai to reign supreme in the valley once again. Daniel cries and is forced to take a job as a boba tea maker for Tom Cole. Noice! Curtain falls. 

Amanda and Carmen's wild night 

Johnny, Daniel, Carmen, and Amanda eat dinner
Johnny and Daniel had an unintentional double date in episode Pulpo of COBRA KAI

During season 3, Amanda Larusso and Carmen Diaz get tired of all of the angst and rivalry and machismo displayed by Johnny and Daniel. After one too many arguments with their respective men, Amanda and Carmen go back to the Mexican restaurant where they met and have a wild night of drinking margaritas, sour cream-less dishes, and salsa dancing, picking up a couple of hotties. They run away with their new men, Johnny goes back to drinking and watching Iron Eagle, and Daniel raises Anthony and Sam as a single father. Curtain falls.

Clingy girl comes back

Daniel rescues little girl during a typhoon
Daniel (Ralph Macchio) rescues a little girl during a typhoon in Karate Kid II. 

During Karate Kid II, Daniel bravely rescues a little girl trapped in a bell tower, despite the girl's best intentions to kill him by strangling. I call her clingy girl because the entire time Daniel tried to rescue her she screamed and clung onto him like a koala bear, rendering it impossible for him to carry her once she was down on the ground. Well, during season 3, "clingy girl" arrives in the San Fernando Valley to find Daniel once more. It turns she's been stalking him on Facebook for many years. Daniel has blocked her because she keeps insisting they start a dance studio together, reminding him that it was her who taught him to dance. Daniel tries to let her down easy and play the nice guy, but she won't take no for an answer. She gets her revenge by killing his whole family, turning Cobra Kai into a slasher flick. Curtain falls. 

Señor Octopus comes to life

Miguel and Sam with Senor Octopus
Xolo Maridueña and Mary Mouser (Sam) in COBRA KAI

The lovely stuffed octopus that Sam won on her date with Miguel at Golf N Stuff now sits lonely and abandoned in Sam's closet. Señor Octopus comes to life one night when everyone is out but Anthony, who is snooping in Sam's room. Anthony is his usual bratty self, giving orders and being lazy so Señor Octopus goes full-on Chucky with Anthony. When the family gets home, all they find is Anthony, dead and trapped under a stuffed octopus. Curtain falls. 

Demetri's Yelp Review Saves the Day

Demetri in Cobra Kai
Gianni Decenzo as Demetri in COBRA KAI

We all know that Demetri's Yelp reviews get a lot of attention, since he has a Yelp Elite Status. Hawk and Demetri's friendship has yet to recover since Demetri wrote a review criticizing Cora Kai. It turns out that many people saw the review, including the building inspector that complimented the snake logo. The building inspector decides to revisit Cobra Kai to make sure things are "up to code." When he arrives, he discovers all of the changes Kreese made in the back of the dojo. Turns out Kreese didn't pull the permit. Cobra Kai must close or pay for the upgrades. Since Kreese has no money, he skips town and Johnny gets his dojo back. Curtain falls.

So there you have it. Which theory do you like the best? Can you top my theories? And if anyone wants to draw these as fan art, I won't stop you.