1899 Episode 8 Recap: The Key

Episode 8 Endings and Beginnings in Netflix Dark Season 2

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Episode 8 Endings and Beginnings

Rather than do a full recap of the finale, I will just leave an impression this time, as there are so many great details that trying to recap it seems futile. With awesome special effects and entrancing images, you need to watch the episode to fully appreciate it. 

In this episode, there is no neat resolution. While we finally get the Jonas/Martha reunion that some of us have been waiting for, as well as a touching reunion between Elisabeth and Charlotte, a whole new set of puzzles are revealed. 

What looks like a conclusion is really only the frustrating realization that the thing that Jonas wanted to prevent appears unstoppable. He himself is culpable in this cycle, and we get the distinct impression that nothing will ever be right for Winden. 

For many this moment will be intolerable and many viewers may want to quit. This is a world of fatalism and a frustrating lack of agency. The good cannot prosper here. Jonas is beginning to tire and be changed by the futility of doing anything right. 

The only person that seems to find happiness or satisfaction of any kind is Hannah, since she can continue to screw up others' lives by manipulating the time periods. Who knows what trouble Hannah will get in now that she has figured out how to control the system. 

Song track: My Body is a Cage, performed by Peter Gabriel

Final questions: What happens to Bartosz? Is there any hope for Martha and is alt-Martha really a new person or a clone of Martha? Can any change happen for Winden? Will Alekander ever see his family again?

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