Episode 3 Ghosts Revisiting the Past of Winden in Netflix Dark Season 2

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Episode 3 Ghosts
In episode 1, we viewed the extremes of Winden's history, at the edges, in the early past and the furthest future. In this episode, Claudia and Egon are on the hunt for information, while Helge and Ulrich continue to be pawns in the game. And Noah, who we considered the true villain may also be a pawn against his will. 

I break the events down into the different time periods, but during the episode, all the time periods are interwoven together in a way that is juxtaposes the events together. 

In 2053 - No storylines are explored in this time period. 

In 2020 - The 1980s Claudia time travels for the first time into the future and sees her daughter, Regina, sick, wearing her headscarf. Her emotions overwhelm her because she realizes she has been neglecting her daughter all this time. Her older self has told her that her time is limited. Is it her daughter's welfare that motivates Claudia most? The older Claudia appears to be one of the mechanics making sure everything runs as expected. This Claudia is one that is just getting her feet wet. 

In 1987 - After Claudia is visited by her older self and she learns that her time with Regina is limited, she tries to bond with Regina at home. Regina is just confused that her mother is paying her attention. We recall Regina's talk with Aleksander, wearing those striking yellow high-heeled pumps. 

Both Claudia and Egon visit Helge. Helge isn't very receptive to Egon, but he is fond of Claudia so he tells her not to trust Noah, no matter what. 

Egon is still thinking about Ulrich and realizes that a few things don't add up. He still wants to know the truth. He visits him in the hospital and finally manages to get a reaction out of him. Initially by talking to him about the Pleasure to Kill lyrics Ulrich quoted back in the 1950s. And the second time by showing him a picture of Mikkel. Again, these two on the screen sizzle together. Lifelong enemies, but both desperately want something the other could give them, if only they would reveal their part of the story. 

In 1954 - Young Claudia walks in on her mother, Doris, and Agnes Nielsen having an intimate encounter. Doris rarely sees her husband, Egon, due to his hectic work schedule, and his obsessive search for the missing boys. The result is that now she has shifted her affections to Agnes. For Claudia and her part, she is now curious about sex, and asks Tronte to show his nakedness to her. Pay attention parents, this is what happens when kids get exposed to sexuality with no explanation. 

We also see Agnes meeting in the underground cave with older Claudia. They seem to be plotting together. There is a newspaper clipping exchanged, but we don't see what's on the clip until later in the episode. Then Agnes goes to Noah and asks him to be put into the circle of trust again based on some information she will provide. It's not clear whose side Agnes is on to be honest. 

After Noah gets the information from Agnes, he completes a mission he has and then gets a nasty surprise when he looks at the pages Agnes has given him. 

Young Helge returns from an extended absence. He has been missing for awhile perhaps? He has physical marks on his skull from the rock that Ulrich smashed against his head. His mother is glad to see him, although you may remember she was borderline abusive to him before. Interestingly, once Egon finds out about Helge's return, he realizes Ulrich could not be the kidnapper because he has been in prison. He tries to question Ulrich, but gets nothing. Seeing the parallel questioning of the pair in the 1950s and the 1980s is compelling stuff. 

Egon has a conversation with both young Claudia and old Claudia, although he doesn't realize the identity of the older Claudia. The only giveaway is that both versions of the character say the exact same phrase, a trope that will be repeated many times in this show. 

In 1921 - No storylines are explored in this time period. 

Burning questions: Why does Noah care so much about Charlotte? Noah also seems overly attentive to Greta? Is he preying up on her to be able to spend time with Helge? How will seeing Mikkel's picture impact Ulrich? Will he confess to Egon his truth? Why did Claudia not try to avoid her death? What happens between Tronte and Claudia, and why do they end up marrying different people later on? 

The coils are getting quite tight in this episode with many threads tying together. 

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