Episode 1 Beginnings and Endings Kicks off Netflix Dark Season 2

Dark is one of the best Netflix original series to date. To see a description of the show and all of my episode recaps, go here.

Episode 1 Beginnings and Endings

Once again Dark starts in the middle of a storyline, and we are forced to fight to keep up. We open in 1921, with two men creating the gateway that will make all the dimension traveling possible. We see both the creation of the tunnel and the genesis of Noah as a prophet who is emboldened to do bidding to fulfill a prophecy of some kind.

In 2053, we see all of Winden leveled by some kind of apocalyptic event, obviously some kind of radiation. Most people died, although there were survivors. Jonas is living in his family home, despite the fact that it's trashed just like everything else. We see a calendar, marking down the days until the day of destruction happened. Jonas walks through all the buildings. It's work, but we can recognize the school, as well as the police station based on the remains. No one speaks, but Jonas plays some tapes where we hear a familiar voice and gain some context.

Back in 2020, creepily enough, we see the Kahnwald home, with Hannah sitting moodily at the table. Poor Hannah -- her husband killed himself, her lover has turned away and gone missing, and now Jonas is gone. The same calendar is on the wall. It's 7 days before destruction. She is depressed and considers killing herself, until an unexpected visitor comes to intervene and give her news.

During this episode, we see updates on most of the current day people. And, well, no one is doing too well, except for possibly the transgender prostitute, who seems to happy to get rid of the trailer and receive a visit from her brother.

By the end, Jonas has discovered a place and thing that me may need to get back home.

This was a great starter episode. It had all the hallmarks of a season starter We touch base with the 2020 time period and see a little of what's going on with Jonas, who let's face it, is our main face. Throughout, he's the one we are most invested in.

Favorite moment: Hannah gets a much needed hug.

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