Movie Review: Jordan Peele's Us (2019)

Image by Jan Steiner from Pixabay
Although Jordan Peele's Us makes use of tried-and-true horror tropes, he repackages them with some very powerful imagery, an intriguing scenario, and a mostly black cast to paint a creepy tale with an interesting blend of gore and suspense.

I am very fond of Stephen King's novel It, and the cold open gave me that feel with the 1985 carnival, where we meet young Adelaide and her parents. As she walks off alone and towards the beach, I half expected to see Pennywise with a balloon. The whole first scenario with her foray into the "Find Yourself" fun house and the cut to the wall of rabbit cages with the opening track from the soundtrack, Anthem, playing was pure gold. 

The well-know Us trailer showed everyone that a family of four gathering for a cozy coastal vacation is surprised to be invaded by a group in red jumpsuits, who just happen to look exactly like the family. But it doesn't show much more than that. I went into the film unsure of what to expect. I enjoyed this horror movie. It wasn't scary as much as nightmarish. There were maybe only 1-2 jump scares, and there is on-screen gore. We do see blood shed and hear a few bones crunch, but it's not the type that will make the squeamish feel too afflicted. 

This brand of horror makes use of solid storytelling to make its point. And it's impressive to see the different actors portray two very different characters in one film. This films lingers in the mind, and I have a feeling it will be talked about for some time. Only time will tell if it will become a classic. But it's definitely something I'm still thinking about and want to discuss with others. 

This is a spoiler-free review, but some of my favorite scenes to look for are the doppleganger ballet and the escalator descent. And again, the soundtrack is seriously good. Also, look for a scene where Lupita looks in a window and we can see her reflection. Check out her face, and you might see something interesting.