Book Review: Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella

I love Kinsella's books. They are fun and fabulous. The characters get themselves in the most awkward situations, and you, as reader, think there is no way things can be right again. Then, presto, BLAMO, life is beautiful and perfect again. It makes you absolutely jealous. You also want her flawed female protagonists to be your best friends.

If you woke up and had everything you had ever dreamed of, would you be happy? In Remember Me, Lexi Smart awakes from a coma to discover she can't remember the last 3 years of her life. Right before her accident, she was going nowhere in her career, had just been stood up by Loser Dave, and her father had just died. When she wakes up, she has the perfect career, the perfect husband, and the perfect body and face. She almost doesn't recognize herself.

But everything isn't as perfect as it seems. Lexi has no friends since she became a cut-throat businesswoman. And her husband, although handsome, seems a little shallow. Can Lexi find happiness in being this new, "improved" version of herself?

For more of Kinsella's books, I highly recommend the Shopaholic series, starring the lovable Becky Bloomwood.


MotherReader said…
I'm putting this on hold now. I liked the first two Shopaholic books, but haven't been back for more. I'd like to read a book with her writing style, but a different character.
Lindsey said…
Have you read the Undomestic Goddess? That one is very good, as well. It's about a financial advisor who quits her job, gets out at a random house, and ends up lying her way into a housekeeper job. She doesn't know ho w to cook or clean, but she is willing to take on the task. It can't be harder than Wall Street, right?
MotherReader said…
Okay, now that's two books on hold.