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Library Program: Passion for Chocolate

What do you have to do to get guys to come to a teen program? Apparently offer fondue. My passion for chocolate program was a hit with guys and gals alike. The biggest surprise was that I had more guys than girls, though.

We started off by playing a few games. First, I had a jar of chocolate M & M's. They had to guess how many candies were in the jar. The winner got to take home the jar.

The next game I got from the ya-yaac listserv. I divided the groups into two teams. Each team got a pair of mittens. Each person had to run to the end of the room, open a mini chocolate with the mittens on, eat the chocolate, and run back. The people on the winning team each received a box of message heart. It was messy and lots of fun.

Next, I handed out a page of chocolate trivia. They could work by themselves for in groups of up to three. If anyone wants a copy of the trivia, leave me a comment. The winning team each got a large wrapped chocolate.

While they worked on the trivia, I heated up the fondue. I had pot that heated with a lit candle. It never did heat up very much. I was disappointed about that. You used a tealight candle. Halfway through the event, the candle went out. I had to relight it a couple times. The fondue was made of chocolate chips and whipping cream. I used pretzels, strawberries, and marshmallows for dippers. To drink I had water to balance out the heaviness of the chocolate. The last activity was a very fun guess the candy bar game. You can print these images off at this site. Each cross-section corresponds to a candy bar. Winning team got a prize.

The teens had a blast.


MotherReader said…
That sounds like great fun. I wish I could have been there myself. Mmmmm, chocolate.
Rachael Stein said…
this is totally random, but i totally have that shirt that you are wearing (that is you, right?)
-the book muncher
Lindsey said…
Nope that's one of my teens.
Lindsey said…
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