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Six Ways to Get Over Being Sick Quick

No one enjoys being sick, but once you get sick, what should you do to make it end as quickly as possible? I don't get sick very often, but it does happen on occasion. Usually, when I get sick, I get a cold, including a sore throat with chills and sometimes a stuffy nose. I don't usually get a fever or temperature, so keep that in mind when reading this article. Hopefully, by following these six steps, you will get over being sick quick.

1. Don't go outside for any reason

Stay in. It's okay. Eat the food in the cupboard. Call a friend to bring you something but don't go out all day. This will keep you from getting exposed to any germs as well as protect you from uncomfortable external temperatures. Just don't go outside.

2. Sleep a lot, especially at the beginning of the day

This step is one of the most difficult to follow for me. But whatever responsibilities you have can wait. If you don't rest now, you might be out for several days, and everything will have to wait even longer. As soon as I made the decision to stay in, I went right back to bed. Your body is telling you it needs rest, so listen to it. Don't do work, housework, or even cooking. Just sleep and watch TV or read a book in bed.

3. Eat whatever your stomach tells you to

Trust your body on this one. It knows what it needs. When I woke up in the morning, I took one look at the waffles, cereal, and granola bars I usually eat, and my stomach went into spasms. I opted instead for two pieces of whole wheat toast with butter and a cup of hot green tea. Instead of drinking my OJ, I ate a Vitamin C tablet. Stick with foods that are simple and unadorned.

4. Drink lots of hot tea

It boosts your immunity, helps your sore throat, and makes you feel warm inside. If you drink green tea, even better. Just a tip, green tea should not be made with boiling water but water only heated to 160 degrees. It should be just before the water boils. Boiling water burns green tea.

If you want to get over a sore throat quickly. You can use tea, too. Drink a whole mug of tea. Then drink a cup of room temperature water (no ice). Repeat. Doing this over and over again will force the phlegm out. The hot water loosens the phlegm and allows you to hack it out quickly. Gross but effective.

5. Bathe as usual

Sure, it feels good to wallow in your pajamas all day, but bathing can lower your body temperature and get rid of any outer germs that might cause infections. It also just feels good. And wear CLEAN pajamas. Otherwise, it is so much harder to join the land of the living, especially if your sickness last longer than day. If you are too tired to shower, take a tub bath.

6. Most importantly, laugh a lot

Laughing boosts your system. It makes you happy. Who knows? Part of your sickness could be caused by depression. Do things that make you happy. I watched a funny movie and read a book I have been trying to finish for awhile.

I have followed these sick tips now for 13 years, and I have never been sick longer than a day. Is it just luck?

What are your tips for getting over being sick quick?


Darren Holmes said…
Don't eat too much meat when you are sick!

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